One More Time…

It’s been 8 years since i started The Kebun. Initially it was just somewhere to escape too. Then things slowly got out of hand. Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Goats, then Cows. The the word ‘retirement’ crept into answers given when the big question popped up. Why a farm? It’s complicated.

There has been so much happened. Much pain, blood and tears. I almost gave up a few month’s ago frustrated with not being able to manage it properly to my standards. Time is an issue, we still have day jobs.

This afternoon as i sat there with Ayu the farm dog looking at the goats i thought to myself if i really wanted to go on. On with this madness of doing just one too many things at one time. This madness of trying to cope with everything at the farm. Long story.

Darn it. Its been a long struggle and i must say to myself that i have the prettiest farm around. Now i am going back to work but this time doing it bigger and better.

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