If your see your goat suddenly has scours (diarrhea), it needs immediate attention. Scours is generally a digestive problem and could be caused by infections and parasites. Other causes (non-infectious) can be from overfeeding, indigestion, lactic acidosis, copper deficiency and intoxications. Scours at most times are be fatal, as it causes of dehydration, weakness and sudden death. Please act quickly. As with any kind of potentially fatal situation, consult your veterinarian.

We give a 10-cc subQ injection of Goat Serum Concentrate (Immunoglobulin supplement for newborn kids effective for the treatment of immune deficiency) to the newborns as soon as they are born to avoid scours in kids. Bottles and nipples must be washed thoroughly after each use. Probios gel is excellent for balancing the good bacteria in the system and often can be used to correct a problem if caught right away. A severe worm infestation can also cause scours and worm medication must be given as well as something to stop the diarrhea. Medications used for humans, such as Pepto Bismol work well. Biopect is a very good anti-diarrheal.

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    [...] is needed to aid digestion and the use of iron in the body. The symptoms of Copper deficiency is scours, a dull and staring coat and loss of pigment from the hair giving the goat a washed out appearance. [...]

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