I had to get 12 Ducks ready and dressed yesterday morning to fill up the very first orders for the Chinese New Year. Asking around, there was hardly any one who had the guts any experience with slaughtering Ducks (but all said they loved eating Duck!) as I really would have preferred someone else do it. The internet gave some suggestions like here which ranged from wringing their necks (basically breaking their necks) to lopping off the heads with an axe over a chopping block and running over their heads with the car!

Eventually I just held them down one by one by leaning using my left knee on them, head in left hand with the knife, a very sharp one, in the other. It was not easy feeling their eyelid’s flicker in your palm and struggle through the whole process. It felt all the more personal this time what with feeling the animal struggle and breath its last whilst you held on to it. I think i have slaughtered my first and last Duck’s.

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