Custard Apple

Our Custard Apple tree is doing very well and we should be able to taste the fruits very soon. This is a unique tree where all of it has a use. The fruits are tasty and nutritious but all parts of this tree can be useful in traditional medicine. The unripe fruit has been used to assist against diarrhea and dysentry. The tree bark is used for skin and mucosae medicines and the seed bark contains useful tannins and astringents.  The leaves are believed to have healing properties and have been used against tumors and cancers. The fruit of the plant, serves as an expectorant, stimulant, coolant, haematinic, and is useful in treating anemia. Paste of flesh of this plant or crushed leaves of the plant can be used for local application on ulcers, abscesses and boils. The bark has been used on gums to relieve toothaches.

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