The Kebun was started as a plan for a retirement home in Sarawak, East Malaysia. Adrian’s Bungalow which was only accessible from the river was put up after being disassembled from the movie set of The Sleeping Dictionery. Olivia’s Bungalow was only put up only two years later when it too was taken out of storage, also disassembled from the same movie set. The farm stay business only started in May 2011 with the urging of friends and family.

Sandwiched between the Kubah National Park and Sungai Rayu and very near to the Matang Wildlife Center, it is fully fenced in with running water and electricity both of which were installed only 4 years ago. Prior to that the farm depended on stored rain water and a generating set for electricity.

Sunset mountain


The first of 4 goat houses was built after discovering that the idea of using goats to keep the grass short ended up with them wrecking havoc on all the ornamental plants and flowers. That was the start of the love affair with goats 8 years ago. Today we have moved the goats (too many guest complains about the ‘smell’! ) to our dedicated goat farm near the Indonesian border at Tebedu running a flock of assorted breeds like Boers, Kalahari Reds and Jamnapari. The original goat houses have been turned into Longhouse style accommodation for guest’s who would like to sample that style of living experience.

Today the dedicated goat farm at Tebedu has started to help with foundation stock for fellow farmers and also help import breeding stock from Australia of which also include sheep. New farmers frequently drop in to the farm for help in general as our management experience is quite extensive although mostly learned through the trial and error. Many of them have also secured their starter breeding stock mostly derived from our farm born kids.

We enjoy our animals including the whole gang of Geese, Guinea Fowl, Ducks, Chickens, Quails, Turkeys, Dogs and all. Previously holding a full time job that involved traveling extensively for long periods of time, Adrian had gone into early retirement to concentrate on the farm and has the help farmhands who are part of the operation but recently has gone back to work in the film making industry part time. Olivia who still holds a full time job hopes to fully retire soon and play a full time role on the farm whilst Jeneil is dedicated to the daily running of The Kebun.


The Kebun is safe and quiet yet has all the modern amenities required for international traveler. We sit on 16 acres of mature fruit trees and looking forward to each fruit season is too a joy as with enjoying the wildlife that come visit day and night to share the fruit, which is also home to wild mouse deers, flying squirrels, and a marvelous variety of birds surrounded by secondary jungle and is a tranquil place to enjoy all the activities on offer or just relax by the fish ponds, stream or rivers and soak in the rural atmosphere.

We have 2 Bungalows, being simple dwellings for a real tropical adventure, a really unique place for the overseas traveler the authentic Sarawak working farm experience. The conversion of the old goat houses into the Headman’s Longhouse, The Longhouse Jetty, The Longhouse, is a replica of an old Iban longhouse. It has 5 self contained rooms which each has built in beds for a minimum of 1 to 3. The Headman’s Longhouse which is connected to the other longhouse via a foot bridge. This longhouse has only one very long room which has indoor bath and toilet facilities. This was intended for families with young children


The Kebun is not just accommodation, it is an experience. If you would like to get back to the basics of life in a beautiful setting, which is fresh gardens of organic vegetables, picking your own tropical fruits, dining on fresh farm raised chickens, fishing for your own freshwater fish & simple accommodation, with little impact to the environment, and to help out with feeding all of the animals at the end of the day’s activities and again in the morning, then your are up for a unique Sarawakian adventure at The Kebun.

Expect a generous and genuine welcome from either one of the owners, Adrian, Jeneil & Olivia. As experienced world travelers we know what you want and our aim is to make sure your stay with us is memorable and fun! Your comfort is our concern and we will do our best to keep you happy.

We look forward to welcoming you and being your host to The Kebun!