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As part of the stipulations for us to even qualify for our GAHP (Good Animal Husbandry Practices) application, a Quarantine Block has to be built. In the final stages of completion it will be fully concreted floor, all around drainage to a septic tank, rain gutters, fully fenced in, useable covered area of 900 square feet. Access is only directly through the vet room. There is also 3000 square feet of outdoor pens divided into 5 different sections.


So now you know!


Here is an actual picture of hand milking a Doe, i posted earlier on the method to hand milk here. Have fun!


We are preparing ourself’s and the farm to go for GAHP (Good Animal Husbandry Practices) certification. GAHP will involve procedures to ensure our Goats are farmed to meet a certain standard of safety and quality requirements. It will also include standard procedures to describe the methods, equipment, facilities and controls of the farmed Goats.

It looks like there are many things we will have to add on to the property and the required list for compliance to qualify for an initial assessment by the Sarawak Agriculture Department is long. But it will be very beneficial to the customers and farm operation both in the short and long term.


We are building a new foot bridge on the property. Makes sense to do so as the Goats will have this neat shortcut when they graze across the stream.



  • 20 days Apparent Heart Beat
  • 21-35days The lung bud branching and forming into the two principal bronchi
  • 28-35 days Limb buds apparent
  • 35-42 days Differentiation of mouth,digits and dew claws
  • 42-49 days Nostrils and Eyes apparent, Mammary buds in females; empty scrotal sac in males, Jugular vein barely visible through the pink skin
  • 42-84 days The bronchial divisions were differentiated and their air conducting system became established, lined with seudostratified and/or single-walled columnar epithelium
  • 49-56 days Eyelids Close, Ear Canal Opens, Membranous soft center in the top of the head
  • 56-63 days Jugular vein, facial vein and scrotal vessels all visible; Nostrils open
  • 70-77 days Hairs appear on eyelids
  • 77-84 days Horn Pits Appear;Ear vein prominent, Hairs on eyelids and muzzle
  • 84-91 days Hairs on forehead, Pigmentation around horn pits, For males testes palpable in scrotum
  • 91-98 days Skin whitish and thicker, Jugular, facial and scrotal veins no longer visible, Ear vein visible, Hairs along top of the neck, Top of the head has hardened-Also Lung Development-The respiratory bronchioles developed quickly?the primitive alveoli had developed,the respiratory bronchioles and primitive alveoli were lined by cuboid cells
  • 98-105 days Tooth Eruption. Hair around eyes and muzzle; Hairs on chest, Eyelids separated, Temporary teeth buds just appear
  • 105-112 days Body sparsely covered with hair, except limbs Also-Lung development-The respiratory divisions developed dramatically, the lung assumed a more “aerated” appearance.
  • 112-119 days Dense hairs cover body and limbs, Teeth buds prominent
  • 119 days 1-3 Incisors barely erupted in females at birth, Incisors at gum line in males at birth
  • 119-154 days The alveoli developed and differentiated into flattened (type ? cell) and cuboid (type ? cell) epithelial cells of the lung development-here the baby can breath on it’s own.
  • Normal Live Birth- 145 to 155 days

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This is much more detailed that the one posted before.


There are 2 basic syringe types. One where the needle screws onto the syringe and the other the needle slips onto the syringe. I prefer the screw on type called a “Luer Lock” syringe. I noticed there is less chance of the needle coming off while administering medication.


Cleanliness is something we should take very seriously in the Goat house. With our humid weather bacteria multiply very quickly on the wooden flooring. This even made worse when many local farmers think sweeping away whatever Goat poo in between the flooring is good enough. There are always those bits that are stuck from being trodden on combined with urine. I have personally seen floors virtually caked with excrement and the farmer wondering why his Goats have a Mastitis problem.


Kid Sucking Mastitis Infected Udder

Mastitis is basically an infected udder and Doe’s of ALL breeds can contract it. Since bacteria that cause mastitis enter the udder through the teats, the cleanliness of the goat house, pens and feeding areas is extremely important. There is some evidence that says mastitis can be hereditary.

Please take note that Mastitis is not responsive to injectable type antibiotic because the medicine cannot get at the source of the infection. Remember, the udder is an interwoven mass of fibrous tissue that is walled off from the rest of the body. Injecting the udder directly with any substance, antibiotic or otherwise will kill her.


Kid Sucking Healthy Udder

Prevention is easy. Keep your place clean! Make an effort is at least power wash at least once a week and spray a disinfectant when it dries. This also depends on the number of animals you have per square meter and if you keep them in all day and night. Our Goats are let out the whole day and only are allowed back in (unless the rain is too heavy) the late evenings so leaving us with ample time to carry out the cleaning and washing.