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Today we saw our guest reviews on tripadvisor.


The Turkey’s were making a racket last night. Waking up to that and the dogs barking in excitement, they themselves not knowing what they were barking about then. The farmhands woke up too and all of us went to the Turkey pen to see what the fuss was about cursing that it had to be another python or monitor lizards.

Flying Foxes decided to pay us a visit. Been a while since we seen them around usually only during the fruiting season more so when there are durian flowers it seems. Maybe they were missing us.


It’s been a very hot & dry the past 6 days. Even the fish ponds seem to be evaporating faster than usual, almost 3 inches. Everyone feels the sun is stronger these days, almost a biting like sensation on the unprotected skin.

If this weather goes on like this for another week or so we will be looking at how to prepare for some mass irrigation/watering for the plants. At this rate even the natural compost will be bone dry soon. Thankfully we have those big tree’s all over to help shade us.


Finally we just managed to get some cuttings of Pokok Sambung Nyawa (Gynura procumbens Merr) which is a herb native of South East Asia and is herbaceous climber of forest margins and thickets. The leaves serve in Malay culture as a flavoring for food, and also widely used for treatment of: kidney diseases, rashes, throat infection, high fever and as a antihypertensive agent. It has been reported that an ethanolic extract of this herb significantly reduces serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels of diabetic rats. There have also been studies done here.

It supposedly can be used to stop bleeding, overcome menstrual cycle problems and  improves the kidney function.As a matter of interest we found the leaves eaten raw taste pretty good.


The Water Monitors are becoming more daring these past weeks. No longer to come after dark and harrass the ducks and geese they now appear at all hours of daylight. There have losses in the duck pen where we suspect at least 20 ducklings have been taken over the past 2 weeks and 3 ducks dead from defending their nest not to mention untold numbers of eggs.

The dogs seem to have a keen ear and eye. Every time there is a racket from the pens the dogs make a beeline for the location and sure enough the water monitors are running off and they sure do a fast 100 meter dash for the jungle.


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Just Lazing In The Sun

We been getting lucky at getting to see these fellows lazing about. Trick seems to drift by so as they don’t get startled and head for the water as usual. It’s a good break from all the farmwork. Now if we could only get them to come and laze around at the end of our jetty instead.


These are our 13 week old Turkey Poults which are coming home after wandering in one of the paddocks the whole day.  They are let out every dawn even if it is raining and since the past week have gotten the hang of it waiting to be let out  and in when they are ready. Who said turkey’s were dumb?


It is always very satisfying when your effort finally bears some fruit, more so when it came from a couple of seeds you snuck in saved when eating it in another country. I just love Pulasan and have begun noticing it being sold in very small numbers in the city. Very few people have even heard of it let alone enjoyed eaten it. The seeds are edible and taste a bit like almonds. And NO. Thou shall not ask for some till i have stuffed myself had my fill.


We had the sis-in-law come over last weekend to practice on her new found hobby. What a difference it makes when using the budding skills of a photographer combined with some expensive professional equipment.

Anyways it sucked was kind of sad to see what is left of our old sampan. She was a good boat.