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After all this time of enduring the rough track to the farm we finally had the road tar sealed!

Completed Paving

We drove over the road right after it was completed and smiled like idiots the whole evening.


We have not been accepting any bookings for the past 2 weeks and it looks like we will be have to work harder at finishing all the knick knacks that need to be completed by December when our next guest’s begin to arrive for their homestay booking.

One thing is for sure, all the repainting alone is hardwork and its amazing to think that only 10 years ago we were painting the same bungalows. We hope the rain will not come as often as it does almost every afternoon.


The Kebun is now undergoing a bit of sprucing up now that we have decided to officially open up the farm for homestay bookings. Busy lot we are what with some repainting and minor repairs going on apart from our usual chores. We really want to thank all of you previous visitors that encouraged us to turn the farm into a proper homestay experience. We are not accepting anymore walk in guest’s for the moment until mid December where our committed bookings shall continue.



It is the Monsoon season again looking on from behind the verandah of Olivia’s Bungalow. Short heavy burst of rain. Everyone including the animals are huddled like wet rats feeling the chill. It’s going to be nice sleeping tonight.


Sometimes we come across tortoises in the stream more often at night when we go skinny dipping hunting for freshwater prawns. This time we had the camera handy. I don’t know what kind of tortoise this is but it is one of the more common types we have come across on the farm.

Forest Tortoise

It would be good if someone could help us identify the species.


Freshwater Prawns Hunting

We went hunting for freshwater prawns a few early mornings before light. The stream was rather quiet that morning save for the crickets and frogs. Fresh prawns like these taste lip smacking good cooked whatever way but for a quickie it’s 2 minute instant noodles for us.

No one has been able to confirm if these are the juvenile of the what the locals call the Udang Galah but those huge fellows are even better eating. Now I am hungry.



It looks like this is going to be a very good year for our Breadfruit. All the tress are showing good fruit numbers and maybe this time we will be able to offer more at the roadside stall. Has anyone ever tried fried breadfruit fritters? Very yummy as a snack in the afternoons.


Custard Apple

Our Custard Apple tree is doing very well and we should be able to taste the fruits very soon. This is a unique tree where all of it has a use. The fruits are tasty and nutritious but all parts of this tree can be useful in traditional medicine. The unripe fruit has been used to assist against diarrhea and dysentry. The tree bark is used for skin and mucosae medicines and the seed bark contains useful tannins and astringents.  The leaves are believed to have healing properties and have been used against tumors and cancers. The fruit of the plant, serves as an expectorant, stimulant, coolant, haematinic, and is useful in treating anemia. Paste of flesh of this plant or crushed leaves of the plant can be used for local application on ulcers, abscesses and boils. The bark has been used on gums to relieve toothaches.



We brought home a stray today. She came to us when we were at the coffeeshop in town. In pretty decent shape we think someone must have dumped thrown her away. Anyways she is more than welcomed at The Kebun. We asked the farmhands to name her. Chilli is her name.


Our 2009 batch of Jamnapari Kids out in one of the paddocks. Extremely friendly these bunch are.