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TreeYo Permaculture
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Permaculture Design Course

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Doug Crouch -
Adrian –
Date - November 19th- December 2nd, 2012 with one day off in the middle.
Price – AUD 650.00 or AUD950.00 with additional tours

About Your Stay

The Kebun is situated west of Kuching City, the capital of Sarawak, long famous for it’s White Rajah. Nestled at the foot of the Serapi Mountain range it was craved out of jungle into what it is today, a thriving, working organic farm. The property boasts a huge range tropical fruit trees including both traditional and common herbs native to the tropic’s. The property also includes many domestic animals from Goats, Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys to Guinea Fowl. There is also two established fish ponds that have enough breeding stock to supplement our needs. Permaculture is a big part of the farms operation as it works towards establishing itself as the premier demonstration site for South East Asia.

Because the site has had several years of organic farm management with Permaculture type thinking, it is easy for students to simply walk out the door and see the principles of design in action. We will be evaluating the farm in the course for ways to push the permaculture envelope, contribute to its success through our hands-on practicals, and leave behind designs through the final design project. All of this will help increase its mission of spreading sustainable agriculture and preservation of ecological systems in Borneo that face many degradation pressures.

Details of the Deposit Payment

  • Please transfer AUD 100.00 to bank account to guarantee your place at the course
  • Account Number - 083815986
  • Account Name - Adrian Noel Cornelius
  • Bank - Suncorp Ltd, Corner Turbot and Albert Street, Brisbane, Australia
  • BSB - 484-799

Please note: In case you quit you are entitled to a refund, although transferring costs will be covered by you.

Meals ( included on the course )
The Kebun has already a reputation for serving some of the best food! Either rice or noodles will be the main dish but there will be so many different dishes that will go with it ranging from steamed fish to mild curries to freshly made vegetable salads depending on what is available from the garden.
Breakfast will be more continental serving farm fresh-baked bread, eggs, but expect a local breakfast alternative too with local dishes every few days.

Other Considerations

The Kebun project and TreeYo PDC offers a great location and context for learning Permaculture!

  • Come and be part of a working farm and herb sanctuary that is dedicated to giving locals good food to eat and a great model for how to move forward with regenerative agriculture in the tropics!
  • The site is extremely accessible to the Kuching City as well as amazing beaches, national parks, and places to visit!
  • o The working farm will feed us with local and organic deliciousness!!!
  • The Confidence to be a Permaculture consultant and practitioner in the future is one of the most valuable qualities that students will develop during the course due to the numerous site applications, international staff, creative solution successes, and varied micro-climates. The world needs YOU!

Alcohol and drugs are not welcome!


Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. This is important information for us to understand your individual background and experience in permaculture, as well as your personal learning styles and goals in order for us to offer the most rewarding experience possible. This is a beautifully diverse group of people and we hope to create a holistic learning space in which each of you explores your passions and seeds of change.

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What challenges do you expect might come up for you?

If you would like to, tell us a little about your personal history. Where did you come from and anything else you'd like us to know to be better prepared to work with you. What are you passionate about? How do you spend your time? Do you have any special needs that we or the class should be aware of? Any other comments you would like to share.

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