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This is what is left of our animal quarantine building after we ripped the place apart gutted the place to make way for the Bunk House which will cater to our budget travellers. Planned for 6 double decker bunk beds with separate bath/toilet with facilities for the boys and girls with a communal living room and kitchen.


Any suggestions?


Looking at the figures that it is costing every month to run The Kebun made me cry like a baby gave me chills. Seriously this can’t go on. Decision time has come around and The Kebun is going to be turned into a Farm Stay experience the first we think of its kind in Sarawak.


Giving ourselves 8 weeks to whip get it into shape.


5 months later am back for a short look see on the farm. Honestly the farm looks like it is getting to be run down. My list of things to do before getting back to work in Sabah is 163!. I want to get these done by myself will have to leave most of that to the farmhands.

Fallen Tree Trunk

Now the first thing is to clear the fallen old Nangka Tree.



In the days before you Doe is due, start placing her up for the night in the kidding pen where she will have some privacy.  Sometimes we will put them in with another doe they get along well with because naturally goats do not like to be alone, so giving the doe ‘a friend’ (if needed) helps keep down stress. By placing the doe up a few days before the actual kidding time gives her time to adjust to her new pen.  A video monitor, something we have been thinking about but cannot afford at the moment, would be rather nice at this point to save on having to walk over to the pens in the odd hours of the night to check them over.


Many of us think the ‘certified organic food’ we cough up good money for buy has been tested for pesticides. But the ‘organic certifier’ here is the Sarawak Agricultural Department and I dare say bet they some most spend most of their time shuffling papers and auditing the files of those pitiful few farmers for records indicating that forbidden chemicals weren’t used instead of making sudden unannounced spot checks on the farm and sampling of the produce. But I get extremely frustrated when I see farms whose “organic” vegetable fields look the same are as green and pest free as the conventional fields. Honest Conscientious farmers go through a lot of trouble to be organic and they worry about competing with cheaters who just want the price premiums that an organic label can command. Again the Sarawak Agriculture Department should make very routine surprise pesticide tests to catch these arseholes cheaters.

What a lot of us are unaware of is just how the organic system currently works. Organic farmers must prove they are not using synthetic fertilizer by documenting that they are using composted manure applications and weed their vegetable beds by hand. The inspector’s job, besides having a quick look around the farm, is focused predominantly on examining these records which, for all one knows, is completely fabricated. So can we trust an organic label in Sarawak?